IINA is a well-known and easy-to-manage player with which you can run files of different formats. You can run not only local, but also streaming videos. IINA allows you to launch, convert and sync videos. The application uses the Yosemite design language. The software supports the Mac OS operating system. You can download the official version of IINA for free using the links on our page.

IINA Features

  • IINA has extended technical support. The built-in dialog boxes are hints that will greatly simplify the work.
  • The program can remember the place where the previous viewing ended. The function is necessary if the video was interrupted by incoming calls or other circumstances.
  • Subtitles can not only be installed, but also adjusted. The subtitle editor is built into the general settings.
  • Videos can be combined into lists. They will be automatically played.

Download instructions

To download IINA, you need to download the file that is on this page. Then open it and wait for the final download. After the software installation is completed, you can start working.


The media player has an equalizer. The option helps to manage video resources, as well as synchronize between audio and video. At the bottom of the player are the player settings. If you go to the settings tab, the equalizer dialog box opens, where you can change the audio track.

IINA settings are distributed in different menu items, but you can go to them faster using the side menu. Options are divided into three tabs, each of which is responsible for video, audio and subtitle settings. There are a lot of player settings:

  • playback speed;
  • uploading subtitles from external sources;
  • appearance of subtitles;
  • framing configuration.

The program supports files of different formats. The developers have taken care of advanced caching settings. The built-in capability allows you to watch videos even with low Internet speed. The player also provides browser extensions that make it possible to open links directly in the player.


IINA is a well-known media player. The software is easy to use and convenient to view video and audio files. Using the application, you can watch, synchronize and convert media resources.